Xiangyang Auto Bearing Co., Ltd

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Enterprise spiritCredible,pragmatic, positive, effective


Excellentnational product

With more and more world famousbrands entering in China, world factory has been formed. ZXY regards technicalinnovation as core competence and perfect product quality management all the time, which makesexcellent national products and wins auto manufacturers’ trust at homeand abroad. We will take national industry as our duty and make the bestauto bearing in China.


Qualified product and considerateservice not always win first choice of customer. So senior executives of ZXY devotethemselves to continuous improvement and quality management system. And managerspay more attention to defect prevention and reduce waste. In this way, ZXY cansatisfy ever-increasing requirement of customer.


Enterprise development is based onquality, which has a significant impact on enterprise’ future. Every employeeof ZXY regards quality as life, is responsible for their work and tries theirbest to solve quality problem.

Highcustomer satisfaction

The whole ZXY keeps the belief of customersfirst. Every employee in every working stage realizes they are both supplierand customer, and guarantee that product and service can satisfy customers evenbeyond their expectation.

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