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Xiangyang Auto Bearing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ZXY) was founded in 1968, it’s a national key project of RMB 120 million invested by the government in the forth five-year-plan, it finished shareholding reform in 1993, listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 000678) in 1997; and successfully implement the reform of state-owned workers identity transion for nearly 10,000 employees in 2003. ZXY joined in Hubei Tri-Ring Group with a strategic restructuring in April 2009, which made the actual control of enterprise change to Hubei Tri-ring Group. In 2011, ZXY invested the largest scale with most investment one-time industrial park in the automotive bearing with an investment of 3 billion yuan covering an area of 1280 acres.

In August 2013, ZXY purchased the biggest bearing factory- Fabryka Lozysk Tocznych - Krasnik S.A. (KFLT) in Poland with the great support of Tri-Ring Group, and stepped into the range of multinational companies. it now has about 4500 employees. With total assets amount to USD 326 million, It has more than 4000 sets of main equipments with an annual capacity of 70 million pieces. It is the biggest auto bearing manufacturer in China and the national key bearings export base. 

ZXY got the ISO9001 certificate in Nov. 1996 and passed America FMRC ISO9001 quality certification at the end of 1997 got TS16949 certificate (issued by SGS) in Mar 2005.

For more than 40 years from the establishment, ZXY has been keeping concentrating on brand strategy which results in high quality product, customer trust and good company reputation in auto industry. Early in 1980s, ZXY already had more than 20 excellent products such as 7815E, 7608E. And the product 7815E won the national silver medal, ZXY has been specified to exclusive supply military vehicle bearings to DFAC. In 2006, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce and other departments jointly awarded ZXY as the auto and spare parts export base. In 2008, ZXY trademark was awarded as well-known trademark in China by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and high-tech enterprises by Hubei Provincial People's Government. In 2012, ZXY R&D center was awarded as National Enterprise R&D Center.

ZXY has an Auto Bearing Engineering Technology Research Center specializing in auto bearing research and development. And has a large number of senior professional engineering and technical personnel engaged in product design, In addition to the auto bearing, it also involves a variety of bearing products in areas such as machinery, agricultural machinery, household appliances and wind power etc. Its technical research and development ability is in the absolute leading position in the domestic auto bearing industry, with many national and provincial scientific achievements. ZXY has many national patents such as enhanced taper roller bearing, full complement cylindrical roller bearing, auto air-conditioning compressor bearing, clutch release bearings simulation test machine, etc. ZXY supplies auto bearings to DFAC, FAW, STEYR, BEIBEN, JAC, FOTON, YUEJIN, and ISUZU etc. it can also design and manufacture special bearings at customers’ request.

ZXY has established a supplying system covering heavy-duty truck, medium-duty truck, light-duty truck, mini-duty truck and car, and set up 28 sales branches across China and 14 distribution centers. The sales and service net is across Chinese major cities, ZXY brand has a high reputation in the auto parts market, its products are exported to Europe, United States, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.  

ZXY nowadays has established an enterprise development strategy of establishing a Chinese First-class Auto Bearing Base. The company now is making further improvement on the car bearing project transion, introduced the foreign advanced car bearing production technology and equipment, and formed a mass production of car bearing capacity. It also expanded the capacity of heavy truck bearing production. At present, ZXY is planning the construction of new industrial park, building a China first, world leading automotive bearings R & D and production base. Trying it’s best to make the Chinese best auto bearings.

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